Fabric Painting Workshop - 9th July - 11.00am to 2.00pm

Fabric Painting Workshop - 9th July - 11.00am to 2.00pm

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Rs.1800/- (1500 material + workshop) 

Rs.300 Food & Beer Coupon from Doolally

Hi Everyone ! Paintastic Arts is Back with an Exciting 'Fabric Painting Workshop'. Join us to learn the art of transforming plain fabrics into vibrant, personalised masterpieces. This workshop is designed for beginners and enthusiasts who are eager to explore their creative side and add a unique touch to their textiles. Upcycle your old jeans or jacket with us. Learn basics of fabric painting/tip & tricks that can help you work on fabrics at home.

The session will include step by step guidance on paint on the fabric. Workshop Outline:

-Introduction to Fabric Painting: Learn about the history and techniques of fabric painting. Explore different types of paints, brushes, and tools that are available in the market.

-Colour Theory and Design: Understand the basics of colour theory and how to create harmonious colour combinations. Discover various design elements and principles applicable to fabric painting.

-Preparation and Techniques: Learn how to properly prepare the fabric for painting. Experiment with different fabric painting techniques, such as freehand painting, stenciling, and stamping.

-Finishing and Care: Discover techniques for setting and sealing the fabric paint to ensure longevity. Learn how to properly care for and maintain your painted textiles. Showcasing and Inspiration: Share and discuss your finished artworks with fellow participants. Gain inspiration from various fabric painting projects and artists.

-Materials and Equipment: All necessary materials and equipment will be provided for your use during the workshop, that includes Paints Fabric Mediums Paintbrushes Stencils and other design tools Cloth/Fabric Don't forget to get your jeans/jacket that you want to upcycle that will make the workshop even more exciting for you.

Note: NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE in painting or fabric art is necessary to participate in this workshop. All skill levels are welcome, and beginners are encouraged to join! Don't miss this opportunity to explore the world of fabric painting and unleash your creativity on textiles. Join us for a fun and informative workshop that will leave you with beautiful, one-of-a-kind creations. Register now and embark on an exciting journey of self-expression through fabric art! Workshop Cost is only : Rs1800 (which also includes a Food & Beer worth Rs300 ) For Any query contact : 9167656082 or email at info@paintasticarts.com

For any Queries you could write to us on : info@paintasticarts.com

Call:  +91 9167656082 , 8879868706 

Location : Doolally Taproom Andheri West